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Our Mission

EDvestinU® is the private student loan program of the nonprofit New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation (NHHELCO). EDvestinU’s mission is to provide affordable college funding options to students nationwide. With industry–leading rates and nationally recognized loan servicing, students, parents and postsecondary schools can have every confidence that EDvestinU customers are provided with the tools needed to make educated financing decisions. As a nonprofit lender, proceeds are reinvested in borrower incentives which reduce the cost of borrowing, scholarship programs which reduce the need to borrow, and educational outreach which increases aspirations for higher education.

Our Network

Default Prevention Leader

Established in 1962, New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF) was established by the banking community in 1962 to guarantee student loans. NHHEAF works diligently to support borrowers in the successful repayment of federal student loans. This is especially significant considering that New Hampshire has among the highest costs of attendance at its public campuses, the lowest levels of state appropriations for higher education, and the highest average debt burden in the country.

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Innovative Technology Solutions

CampusDoor pioneered the first online private student loan application with a live underwriting and response system and has continued to lead the industry in expertise and technology. CampusDoor provides EDvestinU’s web–based application system.

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Nationally Recognized Loan Servicing

Granite State Management & Resources (GSM&R) is a nonprofit student loan servicer. Nationally recognized loan servicing expertise is a source of pride. As a sister agency of NHHELCO, GSM&R provides borrower support once EDvestinU loans are fully disbursed.

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Focused Nonprofit Mission

The Center for College Planning is dedicated to providing students and families with valuable information about the college planning process – from savings options and college admissions requirements, to applying for financial aid and scholarships. CCP promotes higher education as the means to achieving personal, career and life goals in 100% of the public high schools in New Hampshire. CCP provides FAFSA assistance and education–related content for EDvestinU borrowers.

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NHHEAF Network Cares

NHEHAF Network Cares Logo

In 2014, The NHHEAF Network Organizations created NHHEAF Network Cares, an employee initiative through which food and monetary donations would be voluntarily collected in exchange for the opportunity to dress in casual attire.

In addition to supporting “Casual Days for Charity”, we also began offering one “Volunteer Day” per calendar year to each employee. Staff members are encouraged to perform community service throughout the state of New Hampshire and may use their “Volunteer Day” to support an organization of their choice. This allows our employees to expand their involvement with a favorite nonprofit, or to perhaps volunteer with an organization for the first time.

We are proud of the difference our employees make in their communities, whether through this initiative or their own individual efforts.