The nonprofit NHHEAF Network has a longstanding commitment to helping New Hampshire students grow into their future by helping them plan and pay for higher education.

As a part of that commitment, we’re giving Granite State students more.

Up to a 1% exclusive rate reduction1


Customizable loan terms


Local service in Concord, NH

Application and Solicitation Disclosure

The 603 EDvantage


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Up to a 1% interest rate reduction1


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Borrowers that are NH residents2 or attending a NH college or university


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Make your first scheduled payment3


Additional Information

  1. Fixed rate loans receive a 1% rate reduction. Variable rate loans receive a .25% rate reduction. The interest rate reduction will not reduce the monthly payment, but will reduce the monthly finance charge, resulting in a lower total cost of loan.
  2. Residency is based on the borrower’s address at time of loan origination.
  3. The first scheduled payment must be made within 90 days of the scheduled due date (payment deadline) in order to be eligible to receive the incentive. Otherwise the incentive is lost and will not be restored.
  4. Borrowers are not eligible to receive the incentive until they have entered repayment and have made their first scheduled payment by the payment deadline above.
  5. If eligibility requirements are met, the incentive will automatically be applied to the borrower’s account. No separate borrower application is required.
  6. The incentive will be removed if a loan becomes 90 days delinquent during repayment. The incentive will be restored if payments bring the account to within 90 days of being current. The incentive will not be restored if the account is brought current or to within 90 days of being current due to forbearance or deferment or for any other reason.
  7. Because this incentive can apply even if the first payment is not made on or before the scheduled due date, it will not be reflected in the disclosures for the loan. See your loan disclosures for other incentives that may also apply to the loan.

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