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EDvestinU® Refinance Savings & Payment Calculator

Loan Amount

EDvestinU's Savings & Payment Calculator can help you estimate your monthly payment amount, and overall monthly savings. Get started by selecting the total loan amount you would like to refinance.

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Monthly Payment

How much do you pay toward your student loans each month?

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Consider applying with a cosigner to increase your chance of approval – especially if you have limited credit history. EDvestinU's private loan program offers a cosigner release1 after 36 months of consecutive on–time payments and meeting credit and income requirements. Will you have a cosigner?

Credit Score

EDvestinU relies in part on your credit score* or your cosigner’s (if applicable) to determine eligibility for private student loans. The higher your FICO® score, the lower your cost of borrowing. Rate your cosigner’s credit score?

Repayment Length

The EDvestinU Refinance Loan allows borrowers to choose either a 5, 10, 15, or 20 year repayment length. A longer repayment term can mean lower monthly payments, but it often means you are paying more in the long run. Keep in mind, you always have the option of paying the loan off faster than your chosen repayment length and you'll never pay a penalty for doing so. In fact, we encourage it!

I would like a:

Thank you for using the EDvestinU® Refinance Savings & Payment Calculator. Below you'll see an estimate of your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) based on your self–reported credit score range and other factors. You'll also see how much you could be expected to repay on your education loans each month and the overall cost of borrowing. Hoping to reduce the cost of borrowing? By using Autopay1 to have your monthly payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account, you'll save an additional 0.25%.

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Based on the information you provided, there doesn’t appear to be monthly savings through refinancing. However, there may be additional benefits to refinancing such as:

  • Releasing a cosigner
  • Reducing the overall cost of your loans by reducing the repayment term
  • Combining multiple student loans into one loan with one bill and one monthly payment
  • Receiving high quality, personalized customer service from a nationally recognized nonprofit